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11th October - 13th October

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Starts with a B and rhymes with ‘poss mun’ (that is of course a slang or lazy term for Post Man)
Im sure you can work out where I am!! It’s very simple really! B….O….S….T….O…..N told you it was easy!

My couchsurfing continued in Boston, the response rate was very poor so it was down to one guy. I supposed beggars can’t be choosers if I wanted to save on the hostel and also have the chance to see Boston from a local’s point of view. So I took up the offer, his profile wasn’t a standard likes dislikes thing, it was very much about, having no labels, (in the sense of straight, gay etc.) trying to teach that everyone is curious, he believed that sleeping should be done nude or with just boxers…. A lot of other things that I won’t go into, in any case it scared me a bit. I am a strong person who enjoys learning new things and if this was the lesson he was trying to teach then maybe I should try and learn!

This im afraid was a mistake on my part and with possible family members reading this I have a small embarrassment in telling it, but in the interest of keeping the blogs and subsequently my memories truthful I will tell it! Plus it’s kind of funny in a twistedly weird way!

I got his address and decided an hour walk would do me good after the bus ride up, it took just under two to direct myself to the address, whether it was the apprehension or my old age setting In who knows but it shouldn’t have taken that long. The time it took was irrelevant because when I arrived I realised he’s said he took people in from 5 onwards, it was 2.. so it was time for the pub! I managed to find an Irish pub very close and sat there to watch a euro 2012 qualifier, with at least 50 Irish men, it honestly felt like the whole Birish (Boston- Irish) community was out! They won, everyone drank Guinness and it was time to meet up with my host!

He seemed nice enough as he showed me his apartment area, made up of a big room, small kitchen and a wardrobe space! One positive thing on his profile was that he cooked breakfast and dinner for his guests and after introductions we sat down to eat spaghetti bolognaise for dinner. It seemed we were both full so we walked up to a church on the hill where there was a great view of downtown Boston and the baseball stadium, it was a beautiful sight with the lights late at night then we headed back to watch a film! (good start you all think and I agree I thought that too!)

The film ended and I thought that was time to call it so I got my airbed ready and lay down, he then said ‘no no don’t do that, I said ive got films so we need to watch them’ I felt I had to stay awake (his house, his rules) he got up to change the video…. I did say video, he had the oldest TV/VCR combo I’d ever seen, (he announced later in my stay that everything was either donated or found on the street. (getting stranger.. wait for it) he then put porn on, (not kidding) I won’t go into detail, I immediately tried to fall asleep but he kept asking me questions and talking, again I felt obliged to say something so as not to seem rude which took me to the end of one film and onto the next…. Eventually he stopped talking and I could cry myself to sleep (not really but at the same time, wow what a strange end to the day!)

Originally wanted to stay for three nights, but limited it to two following the episode, Wednesday morning I was woken with the amazing smell of breakfast, he stayed true to his word and had cooked some amazing scrambled eggs and sausages, the meal was accompanied by….porn (again not kidding) but I could block it out with the eggs!!

He then took me on a bike ride which was actually a really enjoyable thing to be doing, the weather was warm but not sweltering and I hadn’t ridden a bike in ages we headed out to the port area where we found a policeman, I realised at this point that Donny (my host) had the idea that every officer was bad, in fact I didn’t realise he told me!! He questioned this officer on all sorts of things, trying to crack him but he didn’t and he rode on disappointed and I followed! We saw a lot of downtown Boston, riding round most of the freedom trail and seeing the old city hall, which looks really good considering its classed as the ‘old’ one.

We then headed to the library; Donny doesn’t have a computer so the library is where he gets his info! I was thankful for this as I needed to see the reason why my blackberry was shutting down! (it was the point where all the Blackberry network was down and not functioning at all, which isn’t great when your living with a strange one, I needed to feel like someone else was talking to me so that I didn’t go insane!

The evening, My host had some sort of class to go to, instead of going with him to find out I decided to stay home and relax, get up to speed on my Canada plans watch a film or two, (big daddy and American pie, nothing more suggestive than that) I was already asleep I guess when he arrived back so had nothing to endure when he returned!

We were pushed for time in the morning, so no cooked breakfast for me, instead it was time for a maccy D’s and a final goodbye to someone who meant well but meant it in a strange and very different way to me and probably most people! Donny left, I had some time left for touristy things so I ventured on the subway to Harvard University. The station is actually called Harvard, the campus is built around it so as you walk up the stairs your surrounded by fancy buildings, I managed to find John Harvard himself and get my picture and walk around the whole grounds, there was also some sort of flash mob movement being rehearsed which I stayed and watched for a bit! It was a great venture around the world famous education campus!

Still with time to spare I also managed to get over to the Boston Red Sox baseball stadium for some more sight-seeing action, I think I underestimated the timings as I arrived and realised I was already behind my predicted times for the bus, nevertheless I ran! I really wanted to see the stadium, it was a tiny bit of a let-down as I couldn’t really see inside, but to be around the stadium and seeing the famous landmark was an experience in itself.

From there I needed to run all the way back to the train station and then rush on a train back to the centre of town before my bus away, I managed to get a train very quickly, without buying a ticket, which I hope wouldn’t come back to bite me! It didn’t although karma reared its head in a different way, I got off at the wrong station, panicking without knowing where I was going and after running outside in the rain realised I needed to get back on! (Which I needed to buy another ticket for, KARMA! Nevertheless I arrived just in time for the Greyhound.

Boston impressed in a couple of ways and I think with a different place to stay I would’ve spent my time focusing on the city and less on my host and his ideas!

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